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  • Mechanical Finishing

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Aluminium alloys

  • Aluminium alloys

    Aluminium as a material becomes ever-more important. The variety of the alloys increases markedly with the continuous increase of aluminium products.  In the area of cast alloys, new, better alloys with ever-better characteristics that are fit specifically to the requirements are being developed and produced.

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  • Iron and steel alloys

    In order to be able to even better and more flexibly react to customer requirements, we have - since 2011 - been using a Twin induction melting furnace with a melting capacity of 150/350 kg per hour. We can thus produce cast parts made of cast iron with a per-unit weight of up to 280 kg.

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  • Prototypes / Rapid Prototyping

    Rapid prototyping is the quick and cost-efficient production of workpieces (prototypes, samples, models, tools and finished products) using generative production methods. In contrast to traditional manufacturing processes ...

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  • Small and medium-sized series

    Grunewald offers various casting and moulding processes and therefore also the production of various quantities and batch sizes. For specific requirements we produce, in our own model-making department, rapid prototyping models as well as cast and milled models from various materials.

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  • Minimum wall thicknesses

    Growing demands as to the quality of the product and the process of cast prototypes, pre-series and series, in particular with respect to functional thin-wall constructions with series-like characteristics present the cast iron parts development department and production department with new challenges.

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